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With our tracking solutions we fulfil your needs for secure and reliable product tracking and tracing. Product marking and scanning techniques are used for serialisation and aggregation, throughout your production facility. If you are engaged in the graphical industry, security print, packaging or pharma, tracking your products and production is the fundament of your business!


Blackware BV is an innovative software development company, engaged in the development, production, sales and maintenance of track & trace systems for production companies in the graphical, security print, packaging industry and pharma. Blackware was founded in 1993 and is an independent company with more than 900 installations all around the world.


Our team of developers is the creative hart of the organization, looking for solutions for your challenges in the area of tracking and tracing. Blackware also develops drivers for our control solutions for inkjet printers in combination with camera control.

We install our systems on existing production lines in the production facility, as well on new production lines at the machine manufacturer.


Blackware has an extensive experience in developing dedicated software for complex production processes, where tracking is key. The information is stored in a smart and efficient way in databases that allow you to extract the information of your production for management purposes.


Facts and figures:

• Founded in 1993

• Over 900 systems installed worldwide

• Headquartered in Utrecht, The Netherlands


OEM Partners:

United Kingdom: Ink Jet Control Systems

Czech Republic: JaGa

Switzerland: Kern AG

Spain: Kern Sistemas

Germany: Videojet GmbH