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With our tracking solutions we fulfil your needs for secure and reliable product tracking and tracing. Product marking and scanning techniques are used for serialisation and aggregation, throughout your production facility. If you are engaged in the graphical industry, security print, packaging or pharma, tracking your products and production is the fundament of your business!


Security paper

Securtity paper needs to be uniquely coded for tracking and tracing purposes. With intelligent printing systems, redundant printing and camera verification and validation, Blackware can assure you to be able to have all the data real time available for tracking your product.


With the strengthened regulations of the Central Banks, the security paper mills are moving into an era of automatic monitoring of their processes. 

Automation of the production systems with data driven systems is the challenge of the production facilities. 

Intelligent connection of the operations with the ERP system is key for managing the day to day business and keep track of your production.


Blackware offers the platform and applications for your valuable production process, from creation to shipping of your security goods.