Blackware BV is an innovative software development company, founded in 1993 with now more than 900 installations throughout the world. We support our customers in solving complex tracking issues, integrating our solution on existing production systems.

Blackware has a lot of experience in developing specially applied software for complex production processes in which tracking plays the leading role. All information is stored smartly and efficiently in databases, which enables you to generate all necessary management information about the production.

  • 1993: Blackware established
  • 1994: Development of Kodak Narrow Format inkjet controller
  • 1999: Full selective controller installed on a Buhrs 4700 filmwrapping machine for the Postal Market
  • 2001: Blackware moves from Breukelen to the Herenweg 64 in Maarssen
  • 2003: Management Information System installed at Interlanden Spreigroep
  • 2006: 9 systems installed at PMP Australia for Postal production
  • 2009: Blackware developed the Full Color Controller in cooperation with  Kern Sistemas and Impika
  • 2013: Track en trace (serialisation) solution  developed for the Value Paper Industry
  • 2016: Blackware moves to the Computerweg 1 in Utrecht
  • 2019: Production Control System installed at BDMyShopi for scheduling and production management.